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Tenant Blows Fuse – Landlord Gets Shock!

This was an actual situation where the property blew a fuse but the landlord got the shock. It illustrates how relatively simple  situations can cost money unnecessarily.

The tenant was in the kitchen. The electric kettle and toaster were both turned on but when the tenant also switched on the microwave oven, the lights went out.  Something had caused the fuse to blow and trip the main power switch. The tenant turned off each appliance, replaced the fuse and turned the toaster back on but once again the fuse blew. The toaster was then unplugged at the socket, and this time the microwave was turned on, but the fuse blew again.

The tenant contacted the property manager and demanded immediate assistance. The property manager contacted an electrician who attended to the problem. The offending appliance was the electric kettle which, although turned off was still plugged into the wall socket. The outcome was a $29 kettle, replaced by the tenant, and a $110 electrician’s bill for the landlord.

A property manager experienced in maintenance  would  first ensure that the tenant had not only turned off all appliances but also that the plugs were removed from the wall sockets, methodically using a process of elimination to determine if the problem was caused by a faulty appliance and, if so, which one.

Knowledge, experience and logical procedures applied  correctly help to avoid unnecessary costs that reduce return on investment.  Common sense also comes into it, but as Mark Twain said, “Common sense is not so common.”

Rather than undergo your own expensive learning experiences, benefit from the of an experienced property manager.

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