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What our clients are saying

  • We have been with PMG for a couple of years now and have been more than happy with their property management services. We have found George Nakopoulos and his staff to be friendly with a professional, common sense approach to all aspects of property management. We have also made use of their recommended property maintenance services and found them to be effective and reasonably priced. The 5.5% management charge is obviously an advantage compared to other providers. Happy to recommend to others.

    B & J McGrath
  • The service, dedication and attention to detail from George and his team at PMG is outstanding.

    They respond quickly to any enquiries and understand our needs. Their property inspection reports are detailed and comprehensive. George and his team know rental property regulations and requirements, understand their obligations to landlords and tenants, and stake time to manage our property well. As importantly they are friendly and easy to communicate with. We are extremely happy with their service and would recommend them.

    Amelia and Bill Loechel
  • All PMG staff are always helpful and always answer any questions promptly. If there any issues with the property I am contacted immediately and PMG arrange contractors for any maintenance needed. Informative and detailed regular inspection reports are carried out. I could keep on going as I am extremely happy with all aspects of PMG looking after my property and my tenants.

    Paula P
  • I am a property owner who has been with PMG for over 3 years. I have always found the company to be efficient, reliable and helpful. I like to know that my investment is being managed by an experienced team and by people I know. Whenever my property has had any maintenance issues PMG always takes care of them without any problems. Recommended.

    Kim Greco
  • I am a property owner who has been with PMG for 4 years and in that time I have found the company to be efficient and reliable. I am confident that my investment is being managed by an experienced and professional team. I highly recommend PMG to anyone looking to rent out their investment property.

    Robin I
  • George and PMG – proficient and professional property management. Peace of mind for the landlord and a pleasant manner towards all parties involved. I have, and will continue to recommend George for property management.

    Rick Howard
  • It is always a pleasure to acknowledge the delivery of quality customer service. George Nakopoulos and his experienced property management team constantly make being a Landlord a simpler and more enjoyable experience, for me since 2014. Whether negotiating a new tenant or arranging competent tradespeople to attend to a repair, you be assured that all protocols will be managed effectively and efficiently. This organisation has the correct knowledge of tenancy laws, understands customer needs and expectations and has a balanced approach to managing the sometimes overwhelming tenant, landlord and property manager relationships. I highly recommend George Nakopoulos and the Property Management Guaranteed team to any Landlord wanting a truly mutually beneficial rental investment experience. Thanks to George Nakopoulos and the Property Management Guarantee Team for your continuing professional and personal support.

    Petula Columbus
  • Throughout the time my unit has been managed by Property Management Guaranteed, I have always found George and his team to be extremely prompt and professional with all dealings I have had with them. Property Management Guaranteed always keeps me updated on the progress of any issues raised and the detailed inspection reports gives me comfort and satisfaction knowing that the unit is being managed by professional agents. Property Management Guaranteed always goes above and beyond, with resolving any matters from my tenants, and me and I am very thankful for all their time and effort.

    I would highly recommend Property Management Guaranteed to anyone considering a property manager.

    Angelina Inglese
  • We engaged PMG Australia to manage several properties in the inner Adelaide area some 3 years ago.

    While PMG discounts their rates they have certainly not discounted their service to us.

    All of the staff including administration, property managers and supporting trades have always been prompt and professional in their services to us and I suspect it is because they specialise in property management. That gives an investor confidence in the selection of and management of tenants and the property maintenance going forward which is so important. Thanks PMG and staff.

    Graham Gilbert
  • I have been Property Management Guaranteed client for 4 years and could not wish for a better service. It’s a great team, and the staff is helpful, kind and professional. I have recommended PMG’s services to my friends.

    Svetlana Stavrides
  • PMG is a competitively priced, efficient and proactive service.

    Jarrod Fitch
  • I have had one property under management with George and his team for a few years. The tenant selection proved to be inspired. No problems that can’t be dealt with and both tenants and landlord (me) are very happy. PMG was the obvious choice for my second property. If you want specialised property management with knowledgeable staff that actually help I can recommend PMG.

    Philip Frensham
  • I signed with George and the PMG team several years ago while my investment property was still being built. George very kindly assisted with fixing a few issues I had with a satisfactory completion to said property. With his expertise and knowledge of the building trade, he has been able to deal with subsequent problems that have arisen since, at minimal cost and as quickly as possible. George became a good friend and I find him compassionate, understanding, helpful and prepared to always act in the best interests of landlord and tenant. I would highly recommend Property Management Guaranteed to anyone who needs a company who will manage their investment efficiently and effectively with a minimum of fuss. PMG have also been able to keep the property tenanted with minimal untenanted periods. This is very important to me. They also have high standards for choosing suitable tenants and people who will maintain the property adequately.

    Christine Whittmore
  • I would like to commend George and his friendly staff at Property Management Guaranteed for managing a number of properties since 2013. I have always found them efficient, easily contactable and focussed on their clients and tenants’ interests. Their access to reasonably priced tradespeople and management of work is also a plus from a landlord’s perspective. In fact Property Management Guaranteed way surpassed what I could reasonably have expected. They are completely there for me; attentive to the wellbeing of my properties and interests. They were clear with my tenants and always kept me totally informed of any matters arising. Their professional advice and patience with me is invaluable. I am a satisfied client of theirs. Having experienced different property managers over the years, I have no hesitation in recommending Property Management Guaranteed to prospective clients.

    Robert Finelli
  • I just wanted to take a few moments to express my appreciation for the fantastic service that we are getting from George and his team at Property Management Guaranteed in relation to the management of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Anthony Rental Property. I find that George returns both our phone calls as well as our emails when asked. He is more than happy to spend time discussing any concerns we have relating to the property, and is always quick to react to any maintenance issues that may arise. We like the way George makes it his business to keep the tenant happy and satisfied, and ensures the rent is paid on time. We sincerely encourage and recommend future clients to utilise the services of Property Management Guaranteed.

    -President of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Anthony, Northern Suburbs

    Con Dalas
  • George and his team have been responsive to deal with right from the start. The team has kept me well informed and up to date after some minor repair work was required, which was picked up on their routine inspection, before it became too major. They also did their utmost to secure a tenant that moved in within a couple of days after the previous tenant moved out. I would highly recommend George and his team at Property Management Guaranteed for those wishing to enter the investment property market.

    Bill Bakanyozo
  • We have used Property Management Guaranteed for some time to look after and rent our house as we live in England. We have found the firm to be reliable and efficient. We have total satisfaction and would therefore recommend Property Management Guaranteed.

    Guy & Christine Cavenagh-Mainwaring
  • I am the owner of a rental property that has been managed by PMG for 6 years. In that time I have found the company to be reliable, efficient and personable. I like the reassurance that my investment is being managed by an experienced team and by people I know. I certainly appreciate the care and attention that George and his team at PMG put into the management of my property.

    Roslyn Dunk
  • I have been with PMG since 2013 and in that time I have been extremely happy with the service provided by George and his team. Being interstate I rely heavily on the staff to keep me informed on issues related to my property and I have complete faith in recommendations they make. I receive regular financial statements and inspection reports and I am informed promptly if matters need attending to. I am extremely confident that my property is being well managed and I have faith that my interests are being well looked after.

    Sue Downing
  • My wife and I would like to express our appreciation for the efforts George and his team at PMG put in to leasing out our property over all these years. The property is well looked after and constantly tenanted. We were well informed of all the maintenance and ongoings. The service and management could not have been better and is what any landlord would ever want. Thanks PMG.

    Justin Tan
  • As a property investor, peace of mind in knowing that my investment is being managed by an experienced team and by people who care, is paramount, especially when you are based interstate. I have been with PMG for 5 years and in that time I have found them to be friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and reliable. I have recommended George’s team to friends and would recommend them again.

    John Baker-Cresswell
  • I have used Property Management Guaranteed to look after and rent my property in Adelaide as I live in Melbourne. I was introduced to George and he was more than happy to meet me and discuss my options. I have found the team at PMG to be very helpful, reliable and efficient and would thoroughly recommend them. Keep up the good work.

    Pam Clarke
  • I am very happy with the honest and straight forward service that I have had from PMG. I have never met George, the owner of the business, in person because I live in the UK, but due to his caring, personal help and concern, I regard him as a good friend with my best interests at heart.

    Michael Marques
  • PMG has looked after my property for almost five years now. I like the peace of mind knowing that my rental investment is in good hands, has suitable tenants and is well maintained. George and his staff at PMG keep me updated and informed of any necessary maintenance issues and they have well earned the faith I place in them.

    Folco Faber
  • I can’t thank George and the team and PMG enough for the amazing job they do in managing our properties. All employees show the utmost professionalism in all that is done for us. I had a bad experience with another company but George has given me peace of mind and restored my faith in property management. PMG keep me informed about what’s happening and the employees have been proactive, unbiased and efficient in handling all our property matters, from leasing to managing issues with our tenants and property maintenance. I can (and do) recommend them to anyone I know who is looking at engaging a property manager. I don’t think there is any other company in Adelaide who offers such an amazing service and competitive pricing.

    Rita Novia
  • Finding a great Property Manager for your Investment property can be a fingers-crossed task. I have finally found (after 3 goes) that PMG are a completely professional team. I have experienced many years now of reliable, friendly and efficient service from the PMG team .They have always provided me with regular and accurate Inspection reports, given advice, obtained tradesmen when required and have always followed up and carried out any enquiries I have made. All communication has been prompt and efficient and this reinforces for me, security, in knowing that my property is in good hands. The best part for me is the thoroughness of PMG in assessing new tenants, and matching them to my requirements and suitability for my property. PMG don’t just accept the first available tenant but find the best and promptly too. I have never had a property unrented for more than one week. I would recommend PMG as Property Managers without hesitation. PMG’s professionalism certainly sets a standard that many other agents should aspire to.

    Ella Maynard
  • I have been a landlord for 35 years and have used several property management companies. I have been using George and the team at PMG for a couple of years now. They look after three of my properties and I am more than pleased. The team at PMG has surpassed any property managers I have had experience with by a large margin. I believe they are second to none and get about the job, in my best interests, with the minimum of fuss to myself. I have no problems in recommending them to any person who needs a highly competent property manager.

    Theo Eleftheriou
  • Property Management Guaranteed has looked after our residential property for six years now and we are more than satisfied with the company’s professionalism and attention to detail. They have ensured that the property is being kept in good condition and have also kept us informed.

    Kannika Phomson
  • I have been with PMG Australia since 2011 and I must say George and his team have been so easy to deal with offering good advice and a professional service. Living interstate I have peace of mind PMG keep me informed in all aspects with an investment property. I would recommend PMG to anyone entering into property investment.

    Tim Sumner