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Property Management Guaranteed will manage your investment professionally and keep your residential property in good condition by:

  • Keeping your residential property attractive and desirable through meticulous attention to detail in maintenance.
  • Passing along savings achieved by economies of scale.
  • Implementing periodic inspections in order to mimimise any problems early.

We understand what you want and need in management of your property:

  • You want to minimise your expenses and maximise your income.
  • You want to be kept up to date with what is going on that may affect your investment.
  • You want to be assured that the rent is being paid and on time.
  • You want to know that your property is being maintained by the tenant and your property manager.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide the best possible service to our clients at all times.
  • To provide you with a property management service second to none.
  • To establish and develop mutually beneficial business relationships.
  • To provide the highest standard of professionalism in the services we provide.

Property Management Guaranteed focuses on:

  • Obtaining the best possible return while minimising your expenses.
  • Implementing your instructions.
  • Leasing your property to the most suitable tenant as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Maintaining and protecting your investment.

As an example, a tenant may unknowingly report a maintenance issue and not really be able to explain the cause, the when, where, how, the pertinent details. We first attempt to solve the problem quickly without running up unnecessary expenses. For issues that can not be solved over the phone we call on a reliable team of tradespeople we know well to get the work done correctly. Keeping the property well maintained not only increases the value of your investment but also keeps the tenants happy, a win-win situation.

We believe tenant education is a vital part in property management. Tenants need to be informed as to how to maintain the property so that maintenance can be kept to a minimum, and when to report minor problems before they may become major. For example, tenants who are educated in relighting a hot water service, how to operate an air conditioner, how to use the stove and what to do if the safety switch trips, will reduce unnecessary costs.

The best way to maximise the profitability of your rental property investment is not always achieved by charging a higher rent, but instead by establishing a suitable, sustainable and settled long-term tenant paying a realistically achievable rental return, as determined by market conditions. This way you avoid costly downtime between tenants, as an empty property yields no return at all.

We focus completely on residential property management, so please contact us for a free appraisal of your rental property.

“We can save owners at least $300 a year in unnecessary or over-serviced maintenance. That pays for landlord insurance, which is important to have. All this comes back to our care factor. We care about you, your property, your tenant and your investment. That is why you need to talk to us about managing your investment, and giving it attention it deserves.”

– George Nakopoulos

Here are some case studies of such examples: