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Information for New Landlords


First impressions count and an attractive property attracts better tenants. It is recommended to present the property clean and tidy, with carpets steam-cleaned, neat grounds and to have minor repairs attended to. PMG can arrange for cleaning and maintenance prior to tenancy if you wish.


Ensure fixed appliances such as stoves, ovens, air- conditioners, heaters, hot water services, washing machines, etc. – are serviced, filters are cleaned and smoke detectors are checked. Supply clear copies of manufacturers’ manuals if available.


Inform your insurance company that your property is being rented and check your total insurance situation.


We recommend property owners take out Landlord Protection Insurance, which we can arrange if required.


New landlords are to provide PMG with three complete sets of keys and keep one set.


Arrange final readings for electricity, water, gas, and phone before the property is let.


Please supply PMG with a thorough inventory of the property and its contents including brand, make and model numbers of fixed appliances.