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Management Services

1. Advertising

Your property will be listed on four websites to gain maximum exposure on:

2. Initial and Final Inspection

An initial inspection is carried out prior to the tenant taking possession of the property, including comprehensive photographs of walls, floors, inside and outside of cupboards, benchtops, shower, bath, ceilings, lawn and gardens. We also take photographs and records models of relevant appliances such as hot water services, air conditioners, ovens, hot plates.

This attention to detail, and our having immediate access to visual images, saves time and money when a tenant reports a maintenance problem.  Example:  When as tenant phones, reporting a problem with the oven, we bring up a photo of the appliance, and have a clearer understanding of the problem the tenant is reporting.

The tenant receives 2 copies of the Initial Inspection Report, checks the complete report, completes all sections of the report that applies to them, initials every page, signs and dates the main section, and returns 1 copy to PMG within 14 days of the inspection.

This inspection is then used a guide for the final inspection at the end of the tenancy, taking into account normal wear and tear. We compare the final inspection with the initial inspection report, including the photographs. Final Inspection Guide and Initial Inspection documents are supplied for your information.

3. Tenant Selection

Prospective tenants must supply all information requested on our Tenancy Application Form.

Tenants are selected if the information supplied reaches the standards we require. We require a minimum 100 point identification check. Tenants must provide enough identification to reach at least 100 points.  There must be a minimum of 1 item from each of three categories provided.

These include Drivers Licence, Passport, Proof of age, a birth certificate, bank or credit card statements, proof of income, motor vehicle registration, telephone account, electricity account, gas account, health care card, Medicare card, previous tenancy agreement, previous rent receipts, and the rental bond receipt.

We phone all referees supplied on the forms including past landlords and employers.

When we are confident that the tenant is suitable we then pass on our recommendation to you, the owner, for final approval.

If your property allows pets we require a photograph of the pets, also for your approval.

A Tenant Application Form is supplied for reference.

4. Lease Preparation and Letting Fee

The letting fee covers all the costs of attaining new tenant (excluding media advertising) and  includes open inspections, show-throughs, initial inspection, reference checking, lodging of the bond, drawing up the Residential Tenancy Agreement and any other necessary documentation.

5. Rent Payments

Tenants pay rent via direct debit into the PMG trust account. Tenant must pay their rent on time fortnightly or weekly.

6. Security Bond

At the commencement of the Tenancy, a Security Bond of 6 weeks rent is collected and lodged with the Tenancies Branch of the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs.

7. Arrears

Rent and water arrears are checked daily and followed up with appropriate action – phone call, text, email or letter. Forms are served when necessary to ensure rental payments are met and maintained. We inform our landlords if a tenant is behind in rent payment.

8. Management Fee

The management fee is charged on all monies collected on your behalf. Management fees cover the day-to-day running of the property, tenant and landlord liaison, arranging maintenance, site visits, collecting and processing rental payments, rent arrears and similar.

9. Routine Inspections

Thorough routine inspections are carried out every three months and a report of the inspection is sent to you with your end-of-month statement. Any maintenance or other matters of an urgent nature are reported to you immediately to enable us to take the necessary action so as to minimise costs and to keep the tenant happy.

10. Maintenance & Repairs

We have a register of qualified, professional and trusted tradespeople to cover any maintenance that may be required. We check all work that is carried out and ensure prices are reasonable.

11. Water Rates

Tenants are responsible for all water usage and supply charges.

The landlord is responsible for Sewer and Murray River levies.

12. Accounts

If required PMG can pay other relevant accounts pertaining to your investment property – council rates, strata fees, and similar. Copies of these accounts are sent to you with your end-of-month statement.

13. End-of-Month Statements

At the end of each month, a statement is issued detailing:

  • Rents Collected
  • Rent paid to your account
  • Accounts paid on your behalf
  • Management Fees
  • Monies forwarded to your bank.

A financial end-of-year statement with details of all transactions for the year will be issued to you at the end of the Financial Year.

Payments are made on the 14th and 28th of each month, to coincide with any payments you need to make (i.e. mortgage payments). If these dates fall on a weekend, the payment will be made on the preceding business day.