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Final Inspection Guide

Please ensure that the following are carried out to ensure that your bond can be refunded promptly.

  1. Stove/Oven – Inside and outside of oven to be cleaned/scrubbed with approved cleaner and free from grease and debris. Stove top, griller and drip-trays to be cleaned, behind the stove/oven to be cleaned.
  2. Dishwasher – inside and outside to be cleaned/wiped down.
  3. Refrigerator – recess to be cleaned.
  4. Exhaust fan covers – in bathroom(s) and kitchen or range hood filters to be removed and cleaned. These tend to get very dirty and dusty overtime.
  5. Air vents – to be dusted, air conditioner vents to be cleaned thoroughly.
  6. All curtains – drapes and blinds – to be washed or dry cleaned. Venetian blinds to be dusted, curtains to be cleaned/washed according to fabric type and re-hung and verticals to be cleaned and re-hung.
  7. Windows – to be cleaned thoroughly inside and out, window sills to be dusted and wiped down. Window tracks to be cleaned and vacuumed and free from debris. All screens to be dusted or wiped/washed.
  8. All cupboards – (especially kitchen cupboards) to be wiped over and cleaned out, both inside and outside and all personal items to be removed and no rubbish to be left.
  9. Walls РPlease remove all grubby marks or scratches from walls (sugar soap is wonderful for this Рbought in the laundry section at the Supermarket). Remember to clean around light switches and power points as they tend to get quite grubby with finger prints etc. If, in the event, that Blu-Tack has been used, please ensure that all of it is removed and that no marks are left. All doors and door frames to be cleaned and all grubby marks removed. Built-in robes, doors and  shelves are to be cleaned inside & out and tracks vacuumed to remove debris/dust.
  10. All light fittings & ceiling fans – light shades or fan blades to be dusted and/or washed as they get very dusty over time. Any light globes blown must be replaced.
  11. All floors — to be washed thoroughly and skirtings to be washed/dusted. Remember top of door frames, they get very dusty – This includes sheds and garage floors too and front and rear verandas.
  12. Carpets – all carpets to be professionally steam cleaned and a receipt produced at the final inspection.
  13. All cobwebs – to be removed from walls, cornices and ceilings and also outside under eaves and in sheds and garages.
  14. Bathrooms/Toilets/Laundry areas – Particular attention should be paid to bathrooms, toilets and laundry (the wet rooms). Ensure bathroom floors are washed, bathroom cabinets are wiped downs inside and out, shower recess and screens are scrubbed clean (dirty shower screens and recesses are very (unpleasant), grouting and soap dishes to be free of soap, residue and mildew. (Domestos is very effective) Shower curtains to be washed or replaced.
  15. Fly-screens – Please ensure any fly-screens, i.e., windows, doors or sliding doors, are replaced if they have holes or have been damaged/ripped.
  16. Lawns & Gardens – All lawns to be mowed and edged and given, if required, a good watering, any lawn or weeds grown into payers or concrete, please use a weed killer (Roundup), all garden, flower and pebble beds to be weeded and any pruning that is required such as vines and hedges or even trees. We stress that, as per your Residential Tenancy Agreement, it is your responsibility to ensure that these things are done before the final inspection.
  17. Rubbish – Make sure that all rubbish and garden/lawn clippings are disposed of properly and not left behind sheds, etc.
  18. Oil Stains – All driveways, carport and garage floors, pavers and concrete floors are free from oil and grease stains from cars and barbeques.
  19. Pools & Spas – If you have a swimming pool or a spa, please ensure that the condition of the pool or spa is clean, that all sides and the bottom of the pool has been scrubbed and that all appropriate chemicals have been used.
  20. Disconnection – Please ensure that you have advised the relevant authorities, such as ETSA, Origin Energy, Telstra/Optus or Foxtel to have them disconnected and provide forwarding addresses. Please ensure that your mail is re-directed and is not going to the house address as there is no guarantee that it will be passed on to you in future.
  21. Any items/fixtures that are damaged to be repaired/replaced as necessary. Please Note: It would be appreciated if the Electricity could be left on until after the day of the final inspection.