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Tenant Responsibilities

The following information will assist you when moving into your new home and during your ongoing tenancy.


Tenants are to pay rent on time.  Landlords also have financial commitments to meet and therefore rely on rent being paid on time.  Should a tenant ever have any difficulty in meeting commitments the tenant should inform PMG.


  • Tenants are to keep the premises in a reasonable state of neatness and cleanliness.
  • Pay rates and charges for water supply as agreed between the landlord and the tenant.
  • Not intentionally or negligently cause or allow damage to be caused to the premises.
  • Notify Property Management Guaranteed of any damage to the premises.
  • Notify Property Management Guaranteed if repairs are needed.
  • Not use the premises, or allow them to be used, for any illegal purpose.
  • Not cause or allow a nuisance or interference with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of anyone else living in the immediate vicinity.
  • Not fit any fixtures or make any alterations to the premises (including picture hooks, shelves or fences) without first obtaining written permission from PMG.
  • Other responsibilities and obligations as per the Special Conditions on the Residential Tenancy Agreement.
  • The Tenancy Agreement, Initial Inspection Report and other relevant documents are to be retained in a safe place throughout the tenancy.
  • The Initial Inspection Report records the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy and is used as a comparison at the end of the tenancy as the basis on which a bond is refunded.
  • Connection of services such as gas, electricity, telephone and internet are the responsibility of the tenant. PMG can advise and assist in these areas. Please inform PMG of the new telephone number once it is connected.

Contents Insurance

  • It is the responsibility of tenants to insure contents and possessions.


  • If any locks are changed during the tenancy, it is a provision of the Residential Tenancies Act that tenants supply PMG with a new key. It is the responsibility of tenants to return all keys, including new-cut keys, to the PMG office at the end of the tenancy.


  • Requests for repairs and maintenance are to be submitted to PMG by email for appraisal and approval.


  • If a serious emergency ever arises, such as a burst water main, gas leak or electrical fault, tenant is to phone PMG immediately.

Change of tenancy

  • The tenancy is lodged in the names of specific tenants. If a new tenant intends to move in a new application must be submitted and evaluated for approval separately.

Quarterly Inspections 

  • Once every 3 months A PMG property manager will inspect the property to ensure it s properly maintained. Tenants may attend these inspections if they wish to.


PMG will assist in every way feasible to ensure your tenancy is pleasant and care free.